WordPress Premium plugins – 1 Year


  • 20 Premium WordPress Plugins
  • 12 months of premium WordPress plugins for digital agencies and marketers
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Cloud access with one click
  • 18/7 support via Live Chat and WhatsApp
  • 100% safe and secure methods
  • Contact us to activate your 12-month plan now.


20 Premium WordPress tools Included

  1. Bit Integrations LTD Plus
  2. Divi
  3. ElementsKit
  4. Hide My WP Ghost
  5. If-So Dynamic Content
  6. Meta Box
  7. Microthemer
  8. RabbitLoader
  9. Solid Affiliate
  11. Squirrly Seo
  12. Stackable
  13. User role editor
  14. WP Adminify
  15. WP Compress
  16. WP Courseware
  17. WPFunnels
  18. WpReset
  19. WPSmartPay
  20. WPvivid


  • 1 Site
  • Validity 1 year
  • Auto Plugin Update
  • Your domain will stay the same, even if it has expired or if you’ve shut it down. To use a different domain, you must purchase a new key. We strongly urge you not to request a domain switch until your existing key expires.
  • For us to install Plugin WordPress plugins on your site, it is necessary for you to provide us with temporary access. Some plugins may require a license key. Please note that there is no need for you to share this temporary access for license key plugins.


  • If we do not deliver the account, I will make a full refund of your payment / After that, there is no refund


  • It is guaranteed that the app will work as long as plugins exist and you do not break any rules (See their terms and conditions)