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Connect WordPress Plugins and external applications seamlessly to save time and simplify automations

Bit Integrations is a simple integration plugin for WordPress.
WordPress website owners and developers can send all their leads and information to other WordPress plugins and external software.


  • 1 Site
  • Send data from WordPress to other software
  • No data send limit
  • Conditional logic
  • Incoming and outgoing webhook
  • Unlimited active integrations
  • Unlimited tasks
  • 100+ integrations (more will be added)


  • Access to Bit Integrations for 1 Year
  • Please grant me temporary access to your WordPress site so that I can install the necessary plugin and enter the key.
  • Your domain will stay the same, even if it has expired or if you’ve shut it down. To use a different domain, you must purchase a new key. We strongly urge you not to request a domain switch until your existing key expires.


  • If I do not deliver the account, I will make a full refund of your payment / After that, there is no refund


  • It is guaranteed that the app will work as long as Bit Integrations exists and you do not break any Bit Integrations rules (See their terms and conditions)